Red poem with typewriter


“Soup”| CLOCKHOUSE, Volume 9, 2022 

“At the Planetarium in Yonkers” and “The Mall” East on Central, Volume 20, 2021-2022

“Her Clip-Ons”| DASH Literary Journal, Volume 13, Spring 2020

“Marconi Beach”| Parks and Points, Poem for April 16, 2019

“Haigerloch Sisters”| What Rough BeastPoem for September 11, 2018

“Swimming in the Trump Years”| Rise Up Review, Winter 2018

“A Night Thought Can’t Sleep”| SWWIM EVERY DAY,  Poem for January 10, 2018

“The Madmen” |What Rough Beast, Poem for January 9, 2018

“Moss” | What Rough Beast, Poem for February 7, 2017

“Slow Dance,” “Bending Toward Justice,” Horsewoman and Camels,” and “Nasturtiums | The Woven Tale Press, Arts and Literary Journal

“Protest at Union Square, November 12, 2016” | The New Verse News

“To:” | The New Verse News

At 42 and “Father Turns 80 | First Literary Review-East (September 2015)

Talkeetna, Alaska | Autumn Sky Poetry

“The Mannequin at Grand Central Station” and “Fireworks at Wilmington | Ducts

“Pura Vida in Costa Rica” | Verse Daily

“The Owl” | Verse Daily

“Charcoal” | FAITH HOUSE Manhattan

“My Clear Blue Morning” | The Riverdale Press

“Three Daughters” | Women Writers in Bloom Poetry Salon

Excerpt from But Today Is Different:
“The Head of a Woman”
“Upon Seeing an Old Boyfriend on Facebook”
(Used with permission from Wipf and Stock Publishers)


Book Review of Numa



Stern Media Kit, from Wipf and Stock Publishers, includes a Q&A and select poems.

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