Stern Author PhotoSarah Stern is the author of We Have Been Lucky In The Midst of Misfortune (Kelsay Books, Aldrich Press, 2018), But Today Is Different (Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2014), and Another Word For Love (Finishing Line Press, 2011).  Books are also available on BookshopAmazon, and other sites. Read Calyx and Jewish Week reviews, a Riverdale Press profileand a Q&A with DeborahKalbBooks. Hear some of her poems at youtube.com/@sarahstern3.

Stern is on the faculty of New York Writers Workshop and the Founder of SDGS Solutions, which helps organizations and businesses with a range of communications efforts. 

Stern was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2019 and 2018. She is a  five-time winner of the Bronx Council on the Arts’ BRIO Award for Poetry. She was short-listed for Ireland’s Fish Poetry Prize; a finalist for the Dora and Alexander Raynes Poetry Prize; and received Honorable Mentions from the Anna Davidson Rosenberg Awards and Lilith’s Poetry Prize.

Her poems have appeared in magazines, anthologies and online, most recently in Clockhouse, Epiphany, The Man Who Ate His BookThe Best of ducts.org, Dash, East on Central, FreeFall, The American Dream Anthology, The New Verse News, Rise Up Review, Swwim Every DayWhat Rough BeastThe Woven Tale Press, and Verse Daily.  Visit her Artistic Resume. She graduated from Barnard College and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.