Workshop Testimonials

“I really enjoyed my time in Sarah’s workshop. I love the poems that she picked for discussion. She created such a comfortable environment for all of us. I felt totally at ease participating and reading my poem, which I might not have done under other circumstances. Her workshop was very energizing!” –Elizabeth Schwebel Wind

“It has been tremendously helpful working with Sarah. Her workshops are such a boost to my creativity and my writing. She’s got a keen sense of how to improve a piece and how to help bring out a writer’s voice. I recommend her workshops highly.” –Val Ciptak Viera

“Sarah Stern is a gifted poet, an inspiring teacher, and a talented communicator. A student of her poetry class, I gained a new appreciation of the art form, improved my writing skills, and came away with four original poems. Sarah is one of those rare individuals who can excel at a craft and teach it as well. Sarah is a total pro—professional, warm and a joy to work with.” –Teri Scheinzeit

“Sarah’s teaching and prompting make for such a safe place where we can all find our voice.” –Ruth Obernbreit

“Sarah Stern is a fantastic teacher. I so enjoy studying and writing poetry under her guidance.” –Marie Fochios